Sad Face Chart App

The Sad Face Chart app, was initially written in 2011, over the course of a few days.

Admittedly it’s a very basic app. The reason I developed it was that I wanted to have a sad face chart while we were out of the house to help with my child’s behaviour.

More recently, five years after the initial development, I updated the app making it work on more devices including iPads.

The idea behind a sad face chart is keep track of when your child is naughty. You add a sad face sticker to the chart, filling up the slots on the chart. The child then has to perform good tasks to get the sad faces removed. There’s also the happy face chart or a combination of sad / happy smileys. Schools often have this type of chart in the classrooms.

iPhone5--favColor red-start

iPhone5--favColor red-sad

iPhone5--favColor red-happy